Alert parents and expensive elmentos!

As is known to all, We are very close to one of the highlights of the Scout year EFSA… The always highly anticipated day Promises! A very special moment where the paw-tender and novices will take or renew their commitment.

But all the end-of-week will be full, full of activities… And so, here are the main warnings and repectivos times concentration:

Friday, 13 March
– 19H30: Via Crucis prepared by EFSA to the Community, Church of Bonnevoie.

Saturday, 14 March
– 13H30: usual activity Saturday, I Bridel.
– The elements should bring lunch and dinner to share.
– After the activities, We will make testing and preparation for Promises.
– dinner shared
– Veiled d'Armas and Departures
– End of the planned activity for 23h, I Bridel

Sunday, 15 March
– 10h00: Mass and Promises, Church Cents

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