Welcome to the Cubs!!

from 7 to 11 years

We are the IIª section

Our color is yellow!

Imaginary and Symbology

In the 1st section, the imagery revolves around the famous story of "The Jungle Book" author Rudyard Kipling. Unlike other sections, the experience is based, in the Cub Law. In the LGS Cubs are called Wëllefcher, or simpy Wëllef.

Symbols are images that transport us to another world, when we look at them we can see other things that are hidden in them. The pack symbols are images that represent to us the world of the jungle and the cubs and, therefore, are images that identify us and with which we identify. The Pack is composed of children from 7 to 11 years. The Cubs are organised in small teams 4 to 8 people and their patron is St.. Francis of Assisi.

it's the Meeting shout of the Wolves. It is the representation of all that is important in Pack, from the wolves and their characteristics through the characters of The Jungle Book, until the promise of Cubscout. It is made whenever there are important events and wants to thank the presence of someone.
It is the symbol of light, heat, of God and joy.
It is a pole tip which has a wolf's head on top. The Totem Pole of a Pack should tell the history of the Pack, that is,, she must have markings identifying the Cubs and their heads as well as the activities of Pack.
the outdoor life is the symbol of adventure and mystery. When we live in nature, outdoors, we are one more piece in this great puzzle that is the Earth
It is the meeting place of Alcateia, They are taking all the important decisions and all of them are shared with all the Pack. It is a place of decision, of responsibility and of sharing.
its for us, wolves, the symbol of responsibility and freedom, it represents all the free people and how it behaves in the Jungle. It is an astute and Wolf watchful, docile and friend, courageous and hunter who all want to be.
It is the symbol that identifies all the scouts of the world, when we look at a child who has a scarf we know it's a scout. When we look at the scarf color we know that section belongs to that child. The Cubs have yellow scarves, sun color and light of Jesus that help us to grow

A Cub scout is…

A cub is part of a larger group called Wolf Pack. The Cubs use as imaginary history of Maugli , a boy that wolves welcomed and created, as described in the 'Jungle Book', written over a hundred years by an English gentleman named Rudyard Kipling. Maugli was a boy who lived with his wolf brothers and was helped by the head of the Pack - Akeela - and other animals: a black panther called Bagheera, a wise bear named Baloo, etc. In the jungle, Maugli had many adventures and had fun and learned a lot! The Patron of Lobitos is the St. Francis of Assisi, a saint close friend of the poor and animals. With him, the Cubs learn to be better and to respect all nature!

In Thoughts and Behaviors
A Cub always tries to be true and good, You are ready to help others, and happy, etc. The Law and the Maxims of a Cub help you to be better and, if these are accomplished, everyone will see that it is a good Cub they can trust in!
Cub law
1. The Cub listens to Akeela
2. The Cub is not listening to himself
Maxims of a Cub
1. The Cub think first of its similar
2. The Cub knows to see and hear
3. The Cub is clean
4. The Cub is true
5. The Cub is happy
To show everyone that it is a real Cub that will respect with the Law and the Maxims, You should make the Cub scout promise .
The Promise is a serious thing: a Cub will promise, in front of people of the whole group, Family and Parish, be a better and better Cub! in Promise,the Cub receives a badge with the head of a wolf and you'll say this:
Prometo, da melhor vontade:
– Ser amigo de Jesus, amando os outros;
– Respeitar a Lei da Alcateia;
– Praticar diariamente uma boa ação.
Prayer of a Cub
Divino Menino Jesus,
nós Vos oferecemos inteiramente o nosso coração.
Enchei-o das Vossas virtudes
e ensinai-nos a imitar-vos.
Nós queremos seguir o Vosso bom exemplo,
com toda a nossa boa vontade,
para assim, com a ajuda da tua Mãe, Maria Santíssima,
crescermos em idade e em graça
In the Pack
Each Cub belongs to a Wolf Pack, which has the name of one of the wolves coat color: White, black, gray, brown or red. there may be two to five packs, which are identified by a flag of his color. Within the pack the Cub is called - as well as all other Cubs - to have a job or a task for which it is responsible and which must comply with well, obeying the guidelines of the Wolf leader.
In Family, in school, in the community…
Being a Cub is to fulfill - with the best will - what he promised, always seeking to emulate the example of the Child Jesus. For this, A cub must be clean, joyful, true and trustworthy, Always be alert and ready to help those in need. The challenge is to be a good Cub, everyone's friend. The cub is challenged to make a habit of daily practice good action. but attention, make a good action is not fulfill the duties: these are duties, They must be met! Practicing every day a good action is to do something more, something that will help or satisfy someone.