Welcome to Pioneers!

from 14 to 18 years

We are the 3rd section

Our color is red!

Imaginary and Symbology

The symbolism helps us to understand the identity of the Pioneers. The third section rotates around the imaginary around Pioneer, the one that, as St. Peter came to the construction of a new era. In LGS the Pioneers are called CaraPio (Caravellen a Pioneier).

The experience is based on Pioneers, in Scout Law, which they promise to follow. The Community is made up of young men and women of 14 to 18 years. Pioneers form in teams 4 to 8 people.

As symbols, Pioneers have the Wind Rose, Water Drop, the axe and Icthus.

The identification symbol of the third section is the Rose of the Winds. symbol of Right way, Good choice and considered decision, It is the symbol of what is the life of pioneer, in their choices, in their attitude, in whatever other. Bearer of wills, aggregator desires and availability, Pioneer has the will to, himself, change the world and risk.
symbol of purity, while the young person, individual, what is transparent - with himself and with others; which is encouragement and food for those around you; part of a group joining with other droplets and becoming torrent.
symbol of construction and of action, is what is the potential of a Pioneer, their capabilities, its transformative power, the end result of the combination of what you want with what you know.
The fish symbolizes Jesus Christ. The word "fish", in Greek, icthus is written and, this symbol was adopted by early persecuted Christians with a catechetical / symbolic meaning, where each letter is the initial of a word: "Jesus Christ, Son of God Savior " (Iesus CChrist Theou Uios Soter).