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The AESA-Agrupamento de Escuteiros de Santo Afonso, is a local group from LGS-Luxembourg Guides and Scouts, the association of Catholic guides and scouts in Luxembourg.

This group has the distinction of being the only Portuguese speaking Scout group in Luxembourg. We are open to all the Portuguese speaking community in Luxembourg and surroundings.

Already 35 years of history!

It was the year 1981 and we began to develop the idea of ​​creating a group of Portuguese Scouts in Luxembourg.

It was then on 4 February 1982, where our group was officially founded, filiated to the FNSL-Fédération Nationale des Scouts du Luxembourg. The name, Saint Alphonse, comes from the fact that the group has been initially hosted in the premises of St. Alphonse Church in Luxembourg City. The heads of the group were either, Chief Joaquim Pinto de Sousa and Father Belmiro Narino Figueira.

Chief Joaquim Pinto

Group in the 80

Octave 1984

Promises 1984

The years 90, marked a less good phase of the Group, because during that time scouting in the Grouping had stopped. so the groupe live a period of inactivity during a few years.

Parceiros 2007

Chief Dulce Pereira

Beggen 2009

Kandersteg 2010

Wiltz 2011

Zellhof 2012

AcaReg 2013

In the years of 2000, The AESA was relaunched. Thanks to the initiative of the Chief Dulce Pereira and some motivated Leaders, the group could finally reopen its doors to children and young people from Luxembourg. We returned to occupy the premises at the back of the St. Alphonse Church in Luxembourg. So we started again with the youngest Section, the Cubscouts, and gave a new direction to the Group. Given the strong adhesion, shortly after we opened the Section of the Explorers. Even if she has never been Scout before, the Chief Dulce, always knew 'rally the troops’ and show a lot of persistence over these intense years. It was step by step that the group has been growing and gaining more members. And so naturally we opened the section of the Pioneers and a few years following, also the section of Rovers.

Dudelange 2013

Chef Ricardo Santos

Possession 2013

Guias 2013

After a good decade, the Chief Dulce decided to withdraw from the leadership of the AESA and in 2013 was elected Chief Ricardo Santos as the new group leader.. An experienced chief, who knew how to bring much of what was the mystical, symbology and the true spirit of Scouting back to the sections and the group in general. Unfortunately for professional reasons, He had to leave early his place of leader of the Group. The following year we elected a new Head of our Group, Eugénio Marques. The Chief Eugenio, He had also been Rover and Leader in Portugal before emigrating to Luxembourg.
We started the year 2014, with the difficult news that we would have to leave the headquarters that we were transferred. This would be used for other purposes. From now on, we began to meet weekly at the national headquarters LGS, in Eich. With all sections continue to operate in a follow-up of a single scout and high quality for all our young people. During the following years began to also notice the fruits of the fourth section, with young people involved both national and international levels as well as young people have integrated into animation teams in AESA to apply the teachings received.


Chief Eugénio Marques

Party of the Families 2015

Misaershaff 2015

Promises 2015

Rotterdam 2016

Go Urban 2017

The AESA of today is a young and fresh Group, very dynamic and with four sections in operation. currently, we have the youngest group Chief in all LGS, Bruno Martins Chief formed in AESA.
We are a non-profit association, which seeks to contribute to the education of youth. Based on a system of values ​​in order to help them build a better world and which play an active and constructive role in society. Feeling well performed both individually and in team work. It is based on voluntary work of our members and the Scout method created by Robert Baden-Powell who work every day in order that our young people to become autonomous, take care, and responsible compromised.

It has a long history in the formation of young people from the Portuguese community around Luxembourg, and voluntary movement and the Catholic Church. AESA currently has 70 Associate members. At this time our administrative headquarters is in the national headquarters of LGS and met the premises Scouts Bridel,

Possession 2017


In order to properly clarify the Portuguese community in Luxembourg and avoid any misunderstanding from the institutional point of view. It should be noted we have no direct connection (of an administrative or other) with the CNE-Corpo Nacional de Escutas, Portuguese Catholic Scouting. However, either by the Scout methodology to follow and, largely, for historical reasons, since it was at the initiative of former CNE Leaders (who immigrated to Luxembourg) that the AESA was born, our group is part of the Portuguese Catholic Mission in Luxembourg.

The LGS is organized 5 pedagogical sections, associated with various age groups, with own nomenclatures. Within each section the youth are organized in small patrols, each element having a specific function.

For historical reasons mentioned above, and in spite of belonging to the LGS, the AESA follows the model, organization and nomenclature of the CNE. currently, The AESA has 4 operating sections:

  • 1st section, Alcateia in its entirety are called the Lobitos 7 to 11 years
  • 2nd section, Expedition in its entirety are called Explorers from 11 to 14 years
  • 3rd section, Community in its entirety are called the Pioneers from 14 to 18 years
  • 4th section, Clan in its entirety are called Rovers from 18 to 22 years