always alert!

Be Scout is…

Joining the Scouts, Enter not only for the AESA nor the LGS, Enter into a worldwide movement that now has about 50 million Scouts in more 224 countries and territories of the world. More of 300 millions of people have lived the ideal Scout, since that Scouting was founded, in 1907, por Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell, dearly known as B.P.

Consciousness and Attitudes

It is living an ideal that is summed up in three Principles. Live by a law with 10 articles. Commit yourself with himself and others to be better, by Promise.

Listening Principles
The Listening proud of their faith and it guides all his life
The listening is a good citizen
The duty of listening begins at home

Scout Law
1. Listening of Honor inspire confidence.
2. The listening is Leal.
3. The listening is useful and daily practice good action.
4. The listening is everyone's friend and brother to all other tapping.
5. The listening is gentle and respectful.
6. The Listening protects plants and animals.
7. The listening is obedient.
8. The listening is always good frame of mind.
9. The listening is sober, economic and respectful of other people's well.
10. The listening is pure in thought, in the words and actions.

Listen to the promise
Prometo, On my honor and with the grace of God, do everything possible to:
– Fulfill my duties to God, the Church and the Homeland;
– Assist my fellow man in all circumstances;
– Obey the Law Listening.

Listen Prayer
Lord Jesus
Teach me to be generous,
The serve You as You deserve the,
The give me beyond measure,
The fight without taking care of wounds,
Working without seeking rest,
The spending me without waiting another reward,
But I do know Thy holy will.


In society

Scout is you live to be coherent with the faith and the ideal that You have taken in every moment of your life, where and with whomever you find yourself.
Be example of uprightness and rectitude, be trustworthy, be alert and put to the service of those in need, are elements that distinguish a scout in the crowd. Your challenge is this beings Scout distinguished in the crowd, and, for such, we challenge you to criares the habit of daily practice a good action (is not pay your duties; these are duties, must fulfill them… It is to do something more, something your initiative to help or meet someone…).

World no

Be Scout is part of a worldwide brotherhood, about 50 million Scouts, spread almost all countries and territories of the world. It is part of a movement which has trained about 300 millions of people from around the world, of many cultures and religions. In Luxembourg, there are about 8 thousand Scouts.

On Patrol / Team / Tribe

Each Scout is integrated in a Patrol (IIª Section), a team (IIIª Section) or a tribe (IVª Section). There, Scout is called - as well as all other elements - to take a position or function, for which it is responsible and to which you must devote earnestly, under the coordination of your Guide.

in the Grouping

The grouping is the group of Scouts, It is inserted in Groups, part of the local Church and - with this - the Universal Church.
in the Grouping, Scouts are organized by Sections, depending on ages. Like this, there are Lobitos (7-11 years) living in Alcateia (Iª Section), the Exploradores (11-14 years) living in Shipping (IIª Section), the Pioneiros (14-18 years) They are living in the Community (IIIª Section) and the Caminheiros (18-22 years) They are living in the Clan (IVª Section). Each Section has a Leaders, composed of leaders or candidate leaders, still existing - the general level Grouping - A grouping of Chief (and his Deputy), one grouping Wizard (by rule, the parish priest) and a Secretary and a Treasurer Grouping.

4 sections, 1 method

The Scout method, pedagogical element and unique identity of Scouting, created by Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell, It is a progressive self-education system, based on seven equally important elements, as shown below.

Learning by doing

Experimentation broadens horizons, building knowledge in a practical way and involving the child / youth.

Personal Progression System

Try to be more and better, defying boundaries and establishing new goals to achieve, having a sense of their limits and their capabilities

Educational relationship Young-Adult

Build a relationship of trust with someone who helps, prepare, supports, encourages, advises and educates.
Scouts are a social force that promotes a culture of peace, forming its members so that they have a constructive contribution in their communities.

Mysticism and Symbols

Carry the child / youth from imagination to reality, the heroes and legends of the meat and bone characters, history and faith to experience the New Man.

Law and Promise

Contribute to the internalization of social rules (through play and universal values), helping to develop its own code of conduct to which voluntarily adhere.

System Patrols

Provide grow in small groups, where the relationship with peers and the assumption of responsibility are essential components of a test for future life in society.

Life in Nature

Drink what nature offers us, privileged environment where the achievements and mistakes earn equal educational value.