The Founder of Scouting

Life of the Founder

A 22 February 1857 was born, I London, Robert Stephenson Smith Baden-Powell, who later became known for being the founder of Scouting. It is the fifth of seven children, Rev son. Prof. Baden-Powell and Henrietta Grace Smith, Robert was in the company of older brothers a fun childhood in London, which at that time it was very different from the big city today, it still offered very easily for outdoor activities. Like this, since childhood, Baden-Powell learned, by hiking and excursions, to take care of. Although fatherless, always he found his mother and his brothers the necessary support to make your very happy childhood.

Baden-Powell did his studies in public schools, where it was very popular and liked by everyone, classmates and teachers. On vacation, He took advantage to camping with his older brothers. When she completed secondary education, Baden-Powell joined the army.

as official, She traveled extensively, knowing much of the world. During his travels he met tribes of warriors from Africa, American cowboys and lived with the Indians of America and Canada. Thanks to its competence, honesty and example as a leader of men, Baden-Powell, He made a brilliant military career.

We can cite as an example the Transvaal War in 1889, where he commanded the garrison of Mafeking, important railway junction, whose possession was of great strategic value. The city was heavily attacked, during 217 days, by enemy forces, between the years 1899 and 1900. As there were few regulars in Mafeking, Baden-Powell trained the citizens capable of wielding a gun and it had to organize a group of young cadets, teens town, who performed all tasks support, such as: kitchen, communications, first aid, etc. Thanks to these features, the intelligence and courage to their commander, Could the city withstand much higher forces, until reinforcements arrive.

The way young people performed their tasks, their dedication examples, loyalty, courage and responsibility, a big impression on Baden-Powell and, years later, that event had great influence on the creation of Scouting.

Thanks to his achievements in the military, Baden-Powell became a hero in his country. During a trip to England, Baden-Powell saw some guys create play through a book, he had written for army scouts and containing explanations on how to camp and survive in wilderness. So, talking with friends, he enthused and decided to hold, in 1907, on Brownsea Island, a camp with twenty boys from 12 to 16 years, which passed technical knowledge such as: first aid, Note, security techniques for life in the city and in the forest, etc.

Due to the good results of this camp, Baden-Powell began writing the book “Scouting for Boys” what, initially, It was published in booklets and sold on newsstands, during 1908. The young Englishmen excited so much about the book, Baden-Powell organized and founded the Scout Movement.

Scouting, born in England, He did not respect borders, spreading to other countries, and, already in 1920, I London, They gathered in a large Scouts camp of various nationalities. It was in this first world camp, called Jamboree, what 20.000 acclaimed young Baden-Powell as World Chief. Since then, the growth of Scouting was great and even the two world wars managed to weaken it.

After several years of dedication to Scouting, traveling the world and founding Associations Scout in several countries, Baden-Powell felt his strength escassearem. then withdrew to a property he owned near the city of Nairobi, no Quenia. or, the wife of the company, Lady Olave Baden-Powell, split time between painting, the numerous letters and visits friends. He died at dawn 8 January 1941 while sleeping, leaving us, Scouts in the world, not only a huge human example but also a Last Post.

"Dear Scouts:

If you already have seen the play Peter Pan, I will remind you of how the pirate chief was always making his farewell speech, because that receava, when it came her time to die, You might not have time to do. It happens to me something very similar and so, although not precisely to die, I die any day and I want to send you a word of farewell.

Remember that it is the last word that you drive, so to meditate.

I spent a most happy life and I want each one of you be as happy.

Crei that God put us in this world lovely to be happy and appreciate life. Happiness does not come from wealth, not just the success of a career, or pleasures. One step to happiness is healthy and ye should be strong while you are a boy, that it may be useful and enjoy life when ye shall be men.

The study of nature show you to the the beautiful and wonderful things that God has filled the world for your delight. Be content with what you have and it take away the biggest advantage that you can break. Always look on the bright side of things and not the worst.

But the best way to achieve happiness is to contribute to the happiness of others. Seek to leave the world a little better than you found and when you turn comes to die, you can die happy in feeling that at no desperdiçastes time and have done everything possible to do good.

Be prepared this way to live and die happy – cling always to your Scout promise – even after already as not to be boys and God help you to do so. "

The Your Friend

Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell

Last message