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O AESA é um Agrupamento local do LGS-Luxembourg Guides and Scouts, the association of Catholic guides and scouts in Luxembourg.

This group has the distinction of being the only Portuguese speaking Scout group in Luxembourg, como tal, é aberto a toda a comunidade lusófona do Luxemburgo e arredores.

Already 35 years of history!

It was the year 1981 and we began to develop the idea of ​​creating a group of Portuguese Scouts in Luxembourg.

It was then on 4 February 1982, where our group was officially founded, filiated to the FNSL-Fédération Nationale des Scouts du Luxembourg. The name, Saint Alphonse, comes from the fact that the group has been initially hosted in the premises of St. Alphonse Church in Luxembourg City. The heads of the group were either, Chief Joaquim Pinto de Sousa and Father Belmiro Narino Figueira.

O AESA é uma associação sem fins lucrativos, which seeks to contribute to the education of youth. Based on a system of values ​​in order to help them build a better world and which play an active and constructive role in society, sentindo-se assim realizados quer individualmente quer no trabalho em equipa. É com base no voluntariado dos seus membros e no método escutista criado por Robert Baden-Powell que trabalhamos todos os dias com o objetivo de que os nossos jovens se tornem pessoas autónomas, take care, and responsible compromised.

It has a long history in the formation of young people from the Portuguese community around Luxembourg, and voluntary movement and the Catholic Church. Atualmente encontra-se nas instalações provisórias na sede nacional do LGS, contando com 65 elementos.



In order to properly clarify the Portuguese community in Luxembourg and avoid any misunderstanding from the institutional point of view, importa referir que o AESA não possui qualquer ligação (of an administrative or other) with the CNE-Corpo Nacional de Escutas, Portuguese Catholic Scouting. However, either by the Scout methodology to follow and, largely, for historical reasons, since it was at the initiative of former CNE Leaders (who immigrated to Luxembourg) that the AESA was born, our group is part of the Portuguese Catholic Mission in Luxembourg.

The LGS is organized 5 pedagogical sections, associated with various age groups, with own nomenclatures. Dentro de cada secção os jovens estão organizados em pequenos grupos, each element having a specific function.

For historical reasons mentioned above, and in spite of belonging to the LGS, the AESA follows the model, organization and nomenclature of the CNE. currently, The AESA has 4 operating sections:

  • 1st section, Alcateia in its entirety are called the Lobitos 7 to 11 years
  • 2nd section, Expedition in its entirety are called Explorers from 11 to 14 years
  • 3rd section, Community in its entirety are called the Pioneers from 14 to 18 years
  • 4th section, Clan in its entirety are called Rovers from 18 to 22 years