Welcome to Explorers!

from 11 to 14 years

We are the IIª section

Our color is purple!

Imaginary and Symbology

The symbolism helps us to understand the identity of Explorers. The second section rotates around the imaginary around the explorer, the one that, such as St. James the Greater left for Hispania, of the discovery of the unknown. At LGS the Explorers are called AvEx (Aventuren a Explorer).

The experience is based on Explorers, in Scout Law, which they promise to follow. The expedition consists of boys and girls of 11 to 14 years. Explorers formed in patrols 4 to 8 people.

As symbols, the IIª section has the Fleur-de-Lis, the scout pole, the scout hat, the cantel and the Star. The patron of the Explorers is St.. Tiago.

is the symbol that the explorer is the most easily recognized with (also regarding the translation of the English scout, for example). In the three leaves of the fleur-de-lis we recognize the three principles of Scouting, and the three commitments made in the scout promise formula. The fleur-de-lis is, also, symbol course, indicating the north in letters and navigate topographical. It is therefore a basic assist to someone who wants to discover the world.

It is a symbol of protection. sun protection, in first analysis, but also the cold, rain. It is also associated with the image we have of B.-P. own, who bothered to get a hat for the scouts before anything else. St. James also recognized the hat featuring the Pilgrim Costume, especially in the context of the paths of Santiago de Compostela.

is a symbol associated to scouting since it early years of the foundation and, On the other hand the symbolism of St. James, the Great, the Pilgrim. The scout stick has a wide range of utilities, which highlights the aid, the walk, progression gait, the navigation, in overcoming obstacles, about the dangers and adversities. well symbolizes solidarity and progress.
The Cantel
It is both a symbol of responsibility - walk without water is not smart -, in its storage shed, but it is also a symbol of coherence, of to be prepared, as requested B.-P.. It is also associated with a thirst for knowledge, the thirst for discovery and action, operator characteristic. The gourd, associated with the image of St. James the Greater is, also, or, Above all, a canteen.
It is a symbol of guidance. The North Star and the Southern Cross are guideline references, especially at night, when it is more difficult to follow a course. All the great explorers resorted to them to achieve their dreams. Are pillars in the sky immensity, God's greatness signal, that give us the assurance of faith, and the certainty of success. It was a star, which according to legend allowed to find the tomb of the Apostle St. James and is there, the Star Field - Campus Stella, Compostela - that his remains remain. scallops, symbol jacobeu, is, also, somehow, a star. Besides that, the biblical view, the star still evokes God's Covenant with Abraham, that promises you a more numerous offspring as the stars of heaven, People's image that God chose for himself, which we too are part.