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Depois de enviar este formulário deves ir à página Documents, para completares a tua inscrição. Na rúbrica Geral & Registrations’ encontras a ‘Proposta de admissão e a Medical record’ que deves entregar preenchida ao teu Chefe. Os pais devem ainda consultar o Parent's Guide’ que fornece muitas informações de base essenciais para entender o funcionamento do Escutismo.

Common questions


Joining AESA is easy. Here you can clarify a number of issues related to registration and its entry into the group, as the operating mode of the meetings and activities…

There are spaces to enter the Group?

The group has open enrollment throughout the year though, normally, admissions are made in September. Sometimes, when the waiting list is great, there are elements that have to wait to get in, but it does not always happen.

What each element pays to join the group?
  • registration fee which is paid annually
  • scout insurance, paid annually
  • Group quota, paid in a single payment or in monthly installments
  • Activities in camp regime or cantonment – price varies, depending on the location and the number of days of activity.

Also in relation to financial issues, the Group promotes fundraising campaigns, oftentimes, allow the elements to directly benefit from part of the value they generate in each campaign.

What is required to participate in the activities?

Besides the desire to become Scout and participate in meetings and activities, you must have some basic individual material camp and the official uniform. As for the camping gear, If you do not have, for the first camp we can always know if anyone can lend you something, to see how things go!

The days that is engaging in activities that?

Normally, most meetings happens to Saturday afternoon (13:30 to 16:00) premises in Bridel. However, should take into account that there will be week-end activities (from Friday evening, until Sunday afternoon), or activities 1 one day (usually on Saturday). The group has yet to participate in the Eucharist the 4th Sunday of every month, at the chucrch of the Sacred Heart (from 17:00 to 18:00).

Participation in the activities should be seen as a commitment of the elements and, consequently, from parents. Every girl or guy who decides to join the group, You should do so freely and aware that there are a number of rules of living in groups that you have to meet. Participate in activities and their preparation actively, will be one.

Which section will I join?

The scouts children and young people are divided into four age groups and each age group corresponding to a section:
Lobitos (7-11 years);
Exploradores (11-14 years);
Pioneiros (14-18 years);
Caminheiros (18-22 years).

To the Leaders We admit young adult volunteers from 18 years.

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