Dear Parents / Guardians,

We hereby invite them to the usual parent meeting that EFSA's early years of all Scout. The same will hold up the next day 5 of October (Saturday), by 14h in Bridel.

As always, we want to reinforce the idea that the presence of all parents is essential, Naturally it is a time / date especially important for parents of ” paw-tender” (new items). Pois, for them, It is an opportunity to better know the family of EFSA and put all the questions that possibly have not had the chance to put (They will naturally be many).

short, some of the main issues / topics to be addressed are as follows:

  • reception (welcome)
  • Presentation of the Board and Head of EFSA
  • Activities General Calendar for the Year 2019-2020
  • General operation of the EFSA / Sections
  • Doubts & Questions (Group / Sections)

Be Prepared to Serve,

Direction of EFSA

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