Dear Parents,

The AESA Board of Directors hereby calls upon all parents / guardians for a meeting that will take place the next day 20 of October (Saturday), at 4:30 pm, at Bridel's facility.

We emphasize that the presence of all is important, both parents / guardians of new and current members. On the one hand, the parents “paw-tender” receive information on the functioning of the EFSA (method, rules, etc…) and, on the other hand, there is important information to be transmitted, such as the new constitution of the Directorate and Head for the Scout Year 2018/2019, the respective general calendar of activities, planned investments and / or projects, etc…

And finally, but not least, is an opportunity for everyone to ask and share the questions / doubts / concerns they have.

Alert to serve,

Directorate EFSA


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