As is known to all, the Grand-Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg has accepted the position of maximum leader of Scouting in Luxembourg. To celebrate this commitment will hold its promise in public and before the crowd, like his grandfather, Grand Duke Jean already had in October 1945, Josy Barthel in the time stage in the presence of a 5000 scouts.

For this remarkable moment for Scouting in Luxembourg, is associações in scouts and guides (LGS) e National Federation of Scouts and Girl Scouts of Luxembourg (Slovenian), invite all scouts, parents, family and friends to witnessing this ceremony.

Call for Scouts of EFSA:

Start: 4 October at 14:15, no parking do Glacis (next to the stop of the Tram-Limpertsberg Faïencerie)
intended purpose: 4 October at 17h30, no park “Kinnekswiss”

We call the attention that members of the EFSA members shall attend properly uniformed! Ie with the full uniform with dark pants (dark blue or black color) and neutral, without any letters, holes or other inscriptions. The coats are not allowed, so the scouts were to wear warm clothing inside your shirt. Scouts must also bring with glass.

school dismissal:

Given the special nature of this event the Ministry of Education dispenses all scouts who are in school / high school. so all children and young people are not required to go to school that afternoon in order to attend this important ceremony. Just have to timely deliver the excuse of the ministry to their teachers.

Here are the documents:
Sorry for the high school students
Sorry for primary school students

youth leave:

All officers who will be involved in the organization (assembly / disassembly) or the monitoring of its youth and its group, podem pedir o youth leave. Given the special nature of this event the Service National de la Jeunesse (Shnj), acordou um youth leave Particular. For they must send the document (already signed, by own manager and his boss) to day 1 October the Secretariat of LGS.

Here are the document:
Application for leave for youth

For further questions or clarify doubts, We ask parents / elements to contact directly their leadership.

EFSA direction
Bruno Martins
(Group Leader)

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