You are older or have a chronic illness that makes it “vulnerable” the coronavirus? And for this reason, you can not do your shopping and have no one to do your shopping?

We're young, healthy and have time (now qu'as schools are closed). So we can help you!

We can make your small commissions to bring them home, of course free. We can help by example:

  • to buy food
  • to buy hygiene items
  • Take a walk with your dog
  • Collect your medicine at the pharmacy (with prescription)

If you need, or know someone who might need our help, contact :

Phone : +352 621 439 447
E-mai : clasjd@saintalphonse.lgs.lu




The Clan St. John of God




Letter of information to the public – version EN

Letter of information to the public – FR version

Letter of information to the public – LU version

Letter with directions to the tapping of the EFSA



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