Dear Parents and elements,

Nonconforming plane defined activities, during the next days 14, 15 and 16 from December, the EFSA will hold another ACANATAL. The activity will take place in Bilsdorf (Friendship Relay, 10 Abbot Neuens rue L-8811 Bilsdorf).

Here are the main information:

1. The activity It will cost 35 €, to be paid on or before 1 from December.

2. The merger is scheduled for 19h00m Friday (day 14), no Glacis (the bus parking lot).

3. The elements should bring a cold dinner for Friday.

4. The elements should bring a gift to exchange gifts (no maximum value of 5 €, was purchased).

5. O end of the activity is scheduled for 18.00 on Sunday (day 16), in the Church of Cessange.

    to. The EFSA will once again participate in the Mass and the Sunday School Christmas Party, which will be held as usual in the Church of Cessange.

    b. The Mass will begin at 14h and, at the end of the same, will start the Christmas Party.

For the reasons mentioned above and so that everything goes as planned, We asked to confirm the presence as soon as possible, preferably up to day 1 from December. If you have any questions or need more information, do not hesitate to contact Head.

No other issue I am,

Eugénio Marques
(Secretary Grouping)

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