Dear Parents and elements,

Nonconforming plane defined activities, during the next days 5, 6 and 7 July, the EFSA will hold another ACAGRUP. This year, the activity will take place in Echternach (Scout Camp Echternach, Route d´Echternach, L-6409 Echternach).

Here are the main information:

The activity It will cost 30 €, to be paid on or before 29 of June, preferably.

– The merger is scheduled for 18:30 pm Friday (day 5), Gare in Luxembourg.

The elements should bring a cold dinner for Friday.

O end of the activity is scheduled for Sunday 17h00m (day 7), nonlocal field. We ask parents who are unable to move to get his / her child( to) cross country, to report to the respective head, so we can arrange transportation back.

Through the site You can find more details about the field site.

So we can prepare the activity in the best conditions so that everything goes as planned, We asked to confirm the presence as soon as possible, preferably up to day 22 of June. If you have any questions or need more information, do not hesitate to contact Head.

No other issue I am,

Eugénio Marques
(Secretary Grouping)

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